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How We Work

FFA recognizes that providing high-quality customer service and a proactive approach to managing assets is an essential part of helping you achieve your financial goals. We also recognize working with a financial advisory Fiduciary is critical to ensure a higher standard of advice.

Everyone’s situation, income, assets, and goals are completely different. Therefore, we believe in understanding your unique goals, concerns, and situation before recommending any financial strategies.

Once we understand your financial picture, we will develop a Personalized Investment Plan. This plan will provide all relevant information to recognize what is needed to accomplish your goals but does not substitute the active management roll we will play in your success along the way. We know the markets change rapidly these days and the allocation of your portfolio need to reflect these changes as well. This is how we separate ourselves from other wealth management firms and build trust as a financial advisory Fiduciary.

Most important, we will work closely with you so that you can make smart decisions about your finances, create a consistent communication schedule based on your expectations, and help you make smart decisions about taxes. We offer guidance based on our professional expertise and stay committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

One of our primary goals is to develop a long-term, trusting relationship with you.

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